Life. Is always. In the Now.

...and suddenly everything changes.

Cancer. A single word. As a diagnosis, it becomes a life-altering event. Suddenly, everyday life focuses on a single topic: the disease. Relationships change, and family and friends are as much affected as your job and leisure time. Cancer becomes the center of life. And then there is the fear. Where do I go from here? What can I expect?

We want to share your path and give you hope – as best we can. With our experience, our knowledge and our expertise. With information, personalized treatment programs, transparency and the offer to work on your recovery as a team, together with you, your family and our medical colleagues. Wherever and whenever necessary.

A team approach for your health.

Who we are: Our doctors, therapists, employees and networks.

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Everyone is unique.

So is every disease. That’s why our therapy planning is customized for every individual patient.

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Cooperate with your inner physician.

Recovery requires everyone’s cooperation – head and body, doctors and hospitals, family and friends.

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